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Add a Simple Stage controller today.

The Simple Stage controller allows the driver to disengage the trans brake for a preset time to inch the car towards the staging line.  

Simple Stage features

  • Easy to install

    The smallest and most cost effective unit on the market. Download manual.

  • Simple to configure

    Use two buttons to adjust the precise trans brake release time. 

  • Reliable execution.

    Remove the uncertainty of getting to the staging line. Focus on winning instead.


Can the Simple Stage be used with a Delay Box for Brackets?

Yes!  You can wire the Simple Stage in after the Delay box.  This way you can take your time and light the Prestage beam,  then have the SimpleStage preset with 1 bump to precisely move the car to the Stage Light to eliminate deep and shallow staging! 

You can find example wiring diagrams on page #4 of the user manual. 

Does the Simple Stage work with a Powerglide transmission ?

The Simple Stage works with any trans brake 12 or 16 volt systems that require you to provide power to the trans brake. 

Does the simple stage have PWM or a Creep mode?

Currently the Simple Stage does not, however the unit can be easily adjusted so fine that you will not need to put up with violent bumps to get into the staging lights.

Does the Simple Stage work with 4L80 trans brakes?

Most transbrakes for the 4L80 require a positive signal so yes. Some of these include Rosstler, Jakes, D3 TCI 4L80.

The 4l80 transbrakes like the Jakes D1 also work with the simple stage with the addition of an extra relay.  

You can find the wiring diagram for negative switching on page #3 of the manual, however this requires an additional part. Part #SSR-25-DD that can be purchased from amazon. 

Is the Simple Stage hard on my transmission?

Staging / Bump boxes have been used in the racing community for years with no noticeable increase in transmission failures due to shock.

Remember to start with small bumps if your car is jumping violently and decrease the bump time.

How many bumps will it take to light the beams?

This depends on how aggressive you set the Simple Stage and how much power your car is making.

Higher powered cars require less finer settings and some trans brakes react faster than others.

We recommend starting with small bumps and working up as it does not usually require more than 2-3 bumps to go from pre-stage to stage.

How many times do I need to press buttons 1 or 2 to see a change in bump intensity

When first setting up the Simple Stage you may need to press the 1 or 2 buttons around 10 times to see a large change in bump intensity.     The unit is pre set from the factory to get you in the ball park.  

If the bump is to intense press the 2 button 10 times then try again.  Once you find a close setting work in smaller changes of 1-3 presses to fine tune the bump. 

Does the Simple Stage work with the FB Performance AOD Trans Controller Part # 4STB-E?

Yes it does!   In this case you will need the Simple Stage plus the Sink Adapter.

In sort you will intercept the purple wire and let the Simple Stage Sink Adapter ground that signal.   Please see page #4  of the user manual for the wiring diagram.