New Products! - Boost Activated Power Valves!

It has truly been a long time coming !   Finally the blowthough carb market has a quality "Boost Referenced Power Valve" or "Boost Activated Power Valve" that they can use to convert there carburetor to a blow through!


Our new BRPV come complete with all the components needed to install the valve in the front or back metering block.  By including the fuel pickup tube and  drill / tap and set screw you wont be ordering additional parts or buying 30 feet of tubing that may not work! 

These power valves really make all the difference in tuning your blow through carb, you can eliminate the incredibly lean swings with daily driving or pedaling the car in and out of boost. 

The easy to adjust valve lets you stagger when the valves opening pressure to help deliver a proportional fuel curve that makes staging and launching a blow through carb easy.